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Fight Rising Natural Gas Costs with LPG and TUB-ONE® Systems.

To counteract the exponential increase in methane heating costs for industrial applications, propane gas (LPG) is the ideal choice when paired with our high-efficiency systems.

Why Choose LPG and TUB•ONE® Systems?

Our radiant heating system does not produce hot air but instead heats surfaces and people directly, much like the sun warms the earth without heating the air. This approach ensures targeted heating, reducing overall fuel consumption.

Advantages of TUB•ONE® Radiant Solutions

Efficient Heating: TUB•ONE® systems allow for the heating of specific areas, thereby minimizing fuel consumption.

Versatile Fuel Options: The next-generation burners used in our industrial heating systems can be powered by either methane gas or propane gas (LPG). LPG, in particular, is a more economical solution, as it has not experienced the significant price hikes that methane has.

Cost-Effective: TUB•ONE® is a self-sufficient system and is much more economical than traditional industrial heating systems that use hot water or hot air. It does not require the construction of a boiler room, the recovery of hot air that tends to stratify upwards, or the creation of a hydraulic circuit.

Easy Installation and Customization

TUB•ONE® systems are installed directly in the area of use and can be configured in various geometries, specifically designed to meet real heating needs. This flexibility ensures optimal performance and efficiency tailored to specific industrial environments.

Explore TUB•ONE and RAY-RED

Discover the benefits and features of TUB•ONE and RAY-RED, and see how these innovative solutions can help you combat rising heating costs while enhancing efficiency and sustainability in your industrial operations.


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