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ColdAir in Bangladesh

ColdAir in Bangladesh: Case Study

IMPRESIND continues to affirm its global presence by selling its products to a major Bangladeshi company that manufactures clothing for prominent international brands. This company sought to enhance the efficiency of its five-story production department, which employs more than 3,000 workers.

Previous Conditions

Until now, the company relied solely on a mechanical extraction system to ensure air exchanges. The external temperatures in Bangladesh are very high, especially in the summer when they exceed 40 degrees Celsius with a relative humidity surpassing 50%. Therefore, simple air exchanges did not provide satisfactory comfort, and production suffered.

Achievements with ColdAir Evaporative Coolers

By installing our ColdAir adiabatic evaporative coolers, the client achieved extraordinary results. Besides ensuring significant air exchanges, the coolers reduced the internal temperature of the building, improving working conditions and greatly satisfying the workers.

Project Details

Given the specific climatic conditions, Impresind designed a system comprising 80 ColdAir adiabatic evaporative coolers (model FPA159) installed on the walls to cool a total surface area of 7,500 square meters. The equivalent cooling power is approximately 1500 kW, with an electrical power consumption of around 100 kW/h.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

IMPRESIND ensured the customer’s full satisfaction by having their technicians visit the installation site. Together with the client, they reviewed and verified the excellent results obtained with the ColdAir adiabatic evaporative coolers.

Future Developments

The satisfied client has communicated plans to install our ColdAir adiabatic evaporative coolers in other existing plants and future expansion projects. They have expressed great pride in appreciating high-quality products to improve working conditions and have chosen our country and Made in Italy products.

By choosing IMPRESIND, a company that has been in the market for over 30 years and produces only HIGH-QUALITY ITALIAN products, they have fully met their needs.

IMPRESIND’s entry into Bangladesh with the ColdAir adiabatic evaporative coolers marks a further development of our presence in Asia, promoting the widespread distribution of Made in Italy technology.

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