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100 COLDAIR coolers for Electrolux

100 ColdAIR Coolers for Electrolux

In 2009, the Technical Directorate decided to test an evaporative cooling system to ensure temperature reduction and necessary air exchanges in the “Evaporators” department, where around 20 operators assemble refrigerator evaporators through welding operations. This department is also near a paint oven and suffers from high temperatures.

Cooling Project for the Department

The Impresind technical team worked closely with the client to recommend the optimal solution both in terms of improving the environmental microclimate quality and investment.

From a technical perspective, using an evaporative cooling system proved far superior to a traditional air conditioning system, which could not guarantee the significant air exchanges needed to lower the ambient temperature. Our cooling system achieved a significant reduction in internal temperature with minimal energy expenditure for air cooling, thus greatly enhancing the comfort level of the working environment.

Additionally, a traditional air conditioning system would have incurred much higher costs for both installation and operation compared to an evaporative cooling system.

Energy Efficiency and Performance

The energy advantage was substantial. The installed system has a cooling capacity equivalent to 150 kW and consumes 12 kW/h of electrical energy, whereas a traditional air conditioning system with the same cooling power would have consumed about 60 kW/h of electrical energy, which is four times more.

Positive Outcomes

The department operators expressed high satisfaction, as did the union representatives and, of course, the company management. Following this initial installation of coolers, management decided to extend the evaporative cooling system to other departments. Today, nearly 30% of the plant is cooled, with a system comprising around 100 ColdAIR evaporative adiabatic coolers. This technical solution achieved the goals of improving the microclimate in the environment with a low cost and a significantly reduced environmental impact, thanks to high energy savings and the installation of machines that do not use refrigerant gases.

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